London 2012 Olympics Posters

More polarising design work for the London 2012 Olympics. Like everything else so far, from the logo to the stadia to... what ever the hell that Anish Kapoor thing is, it’s situation of love it, hate it or just plain confused by it. These 12 posters (presumably if it was the '98 Olympics they would have done 98 posters?) seem to cover all three of those emotions perfectly.

As always, the bile in the comments on Dezeen are always good for a laugh. Put simply by Dimitris – “They all really, REALLY really suck. Really.”

Well, at least it's still getting people talking. That must count for something, right? I mean, when the logo was unveiled, practically the whole country was having a heated conversation about the merits of branding and graphic design! Unheard of before or since!

P.S. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that, after seeing the interview by Alan Yentob on Imagine, I hate Anish Kapoor. Not his work, I love (much of) his work. Him. Personally. Tosser. And Alan Yentob.