So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

Blogging eh? All sounds very old fashioned now doesn’t it. And like a lot of people I don’t seem to get the time I would like or need to do a proper job of it. Hope you’ve enjoyed a little bit of it over the years! I’m sure I’ll post something occasionally but in the meantime feel free to follow me on pinterest and twitter. Much more 21st Century.

Image from the excellent Screenshots of Despair

London Pleasure Gardens – Updated

Well I sure got that wrong! More on the Telegraph’s website

Image from here

London Pleasure Gardens

What’s this? The Olympics are bringing something to East London for the rest of us who have little interest in watching enormous Russian women throwing metal balls around?

“Sited in the heart of the Olympic East End, London Pleasure Gardens is a major new 35k capacity arts and entertainment destination. Opening on the 30th June with Paradise Gardens and in place for 3 years, the 20 acre riverside site features open-air concerts, dance and theatre arenas, historic and contemporary architecture, an urban nature reserve, a boutique hotel and a floating cocktail bar. London Pleasure Gardens provides scope for both global and local audiences to experience world-class musical acts and DJs, circus and promenade performances, film screenings, visual art, community projects and family activities.”

It look like London Pleasure Gardens could be a lot of fun. Organised fun of course but fun none the less.

London Pleasure Gardens

Stop Keeping Calm and Stop Carrying On

I've been meaning to create a response to 'that' poster for quite some time but never quite got there. It may be a little late but here it is. Inspiration came to me while watching a traffic warden going about his nefarious business. 'Keep calm and carry on' is the worst advice you can give to the British people, a people who don't complain but actually apologise when things aren't going their way. Stop it! Stop it now!!

Keep it Real

Somewhere between OK Go’s music videos and Sony Bravia’s bouncing balls there’s been a need to make everything for real in promotional videos and advertising. Graphics and animation are just not enough, you have to be able to touch them and, more importantly, watch the ‘making of’ documentary online. Not to mention buy the (obligatory) dreamy folktronica track that accompanies it. TV channel More 4 seem to have embraced this trend wholeheartedly and in quite fine style with a lot of Hard work by ManvsMachine.

Via Creative Review

Photography: In Colour

Looking at this blog (and thank you for doing that by BTW) you might get the idea that I’m slightly obsessed with colour. More specifically I’m obsessed with doing weird things with colour, so here are a few photographers who have recently bought my eye who seem to share the same obsession.

Clockwise from top left:
Streaking Trains by Aaron Durand
Sea life photography by Alexander Semenov
Photographs of explosions by Geoffrey Short
Aqueous Fluoreau by Mark Mawson

Modern Art is Rubbish

So Jeff Koons claims he owns the copyright on Balloon Dogs. Enough has been written about this egomania already but it’s just another example of superstar artist’s obsession with fame and money. So here’s a rant from Hennesy Youngman about why Damian Hurst is a dick. I wonder if you can copywriter a dot?

30 Best Film Posters of 2011

Flavorpill’s pick of the best film posters of 2011

Their comment on this for Cold Weather really hits the mark: “Ah, minimalism. Overused in unofficial movie posters that go viral on the Internet, but sorely underused in official posters that advertise movies.” See all 30 here

The Colour of 2012

'Provides the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.' Sounds good. More on Pantone's website – which I'm not sure I'm buying... We will see.